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Synthetic bow hairCoruss, the new generation
of bow hair.

« I was rarely happy with the real horsehair I used to use for my violin bows. »

Renaud Gruss - Toulouse Chamber Orchestra

I wanted a product that I could depend on. Over the course of 30 years’ playing in concerts all over the world, in all sorts of venues, involving a great deal of travelling, I found that the way natural horsehair reacted to variations in humidity often caused me problems. When the bow hair has absorbed so much moisture that it can’t be sufficiently tightened, this really makes playing a lot harder.

Violin illustration

The new generation of synthetic bow hair, rosin and bows

In our pursuit of an alternative, we researched, tested and developed a new type of top-performing bow hair which would also be ethically-sourced and sustainable. This is how Coruss bow hair first came into being.

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new generation of synthetic bow hair
Coruss synthetic bow hair

Bow hair

Coruss bow hair is extremely strong, meaning that it lasts longer. It will not decay and is not affected by changes in humidity, enabling you to achieve consistent sound quality.

Our fiber
Coruss carbon bows


Coruss bows have been specifically designed with our bow hair in mind. Made from carbon fibre, they are the perfect match for Coruss bow hair.

Our bows
Coruss’ natural, organic rosin


Rosin is a key component, acting as the interface between bow hair and strings. Coruss bow hair merits its own, specific rosin. We have chosen the very best ingredients in order to be able to offer you the best playing experience, time after time.


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