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Rosin that’s been specifically designed for our synthetic horsehair bows

Coruss rosin - specifically designed for our synthetic horsehair products.

What use would our Coruss synthetic horsehair bows be without a rosin designed specifically with them in mind? After much research and multiple tests, we have finally perfected a rosin that brings out the very best in Coruss synthetic horsehair bows.

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Rosin that’s kinder to the environment

Rosin that’s kinder to the environment.

In keeping with our vision of developing more ethical, environmentally-sustainable products, Coruss rosin is made in France from natural, certified-organic ingredients obtained by eco-friendly extractive and distillation techniques. Of superb quality, our rosin delivers firm grip and a pure sound.

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Coruss bows have been specifically designed with our bow hair in mind. Made from carbon fibre, they are the perfect match for Coruss bow hair.

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Bow hair

Coruss bow hair is extremely strong, meaning that it lasts longer. It will not decay and is not affected by changes in humidity, enabling you to achieve consistent sound quality.

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