Crin synthétique Coruss Sigle Coruss

Coruss synthetic
bow hair.

Coruss synthetic bow hair

Innovative, long-lasting Coruss synthetic bow hair

As the drop in horsehair quality was a consistent trend, we decided to look at the root of the problem, travelling to Mongolia, a key global horsehair source, in order to understand the causes behind this decline in quality. Local horse-breeders told us that the summers had become increasingly hot and winters were seeing more snowfall. The local flora, the horses’ main food source, has been significantly affected by these changes, which has had a direct impact on the quality of their mane hair. Moreover, an increase in demand has had certain negative effects. Manufacturers have begun to apply less stringent quality criteria, and some are even bleaching horsehair by means of chemicals, which weakens it substantially.

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Advantages of our synthetic bow hair

Advantages not offered by natural horsehair products

After several years of research, we finally managed to produce a fibre possessing the same properties as high-quality natural horsehair. What’s more, Coruss horsehair boasts many unique advantages, including great strength and durability, meaning you’ll be able to play for several years before having to change your bow hair. Coruss horsehair is not affected by changes in atmospheric humidity, so whether you’re playing in a very dry or a very damp environment you’ll still be able to obtain consistent results.


Coruss bows have been specifically designed with our bow hair in mind. Made from carbon fibre, they are the perfect match for Coruss bow hair.

Our bows


Rosin is a key component, acting as the interface between bow hair and strings. Coruss bow hair merits its own, specific rosin. We have chosen the very best ingredients in order to be able to offer you the best playing experience, time after time.


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