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Our two models of bow

Coruss’ two models of bow

Given the overall thrust of our work on synthetic horsehair, we felt it logical to develop a range of associated products. We therefore created two ranges of bow: Coruss carbon fibre bows and Coruss carbon fibre/Pernambuco blends. All our bows use Coruss synthetic horsehair in a range of colours and are available for violin, viola, cello and double bass.
Coruss carbon fibre bows have been specially designed with synthetic horsehair in mind. We have made a conscious decision to avoid all animal-derived materials typically found in traditional bows (mother-of-pearl, leather…). The bow stick is made from finely woven carbon fibre and is well-balanced and highly-responsive. Coruss synthetic horsehair, meanwhile, has been designed for optimal playing comfort in all environments. To round things off, the frog and its nickel silver head plate add a touch of contemporary elegance.

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The advantages of our carbon bows.

The advantages of Coruss bows.

Coruss carbon fibre/Pernambuco blend bows are hybrid bows offering the benefits of carbon’s mechanical properties, Pernambuco’s sound quality and, thanks to Coruss synthetic horsehair, tremendous versatility in terms of playing styles.

Our products


Rosin is a key component, acting as the interface between bow hair and strings. Coruss bow hair merits its own, specific rosin. We have chosen the very best ingredients in order to be able to offer you the best playing experience, time after time.


Bow hair

Coruss bow hair is extremely strong, meaning that it lasts longer. It will not decay and is not affected by changes in humidity, enabling you to achieve consistent sound quality.

Our fiber

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